A Literary Salad : An Indispensable Companion for the Students and Teachers of the English Language and Literature

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ISBN13 9788172869687
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2016
Country of Origin India

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Prof. N Madhukar Rao is famous all over kerala for his brilliant exposition of William Shakespeare and his classes have earned him the name Kerala Shakespeare. In this book he has shown that his mastery over Shakespeare is not the only thing which has made him different from others. His command over the english language and why he has enthralled students for over six decades is reflected in this work. A teacher to the core he has even at this age felt that this noble profession requires improvement at every stage. So this book is dedicated to those teachers who would like to become better teachers and to those students who should understand the nuances of this great language. In 2011 he started seriously thinking of writing a book which he thought would be his legacy to posterity. His vast scholarship could not just end with him and so started this massive venture which he himself aptly christened a literary salad. This book is the result of one and a half years of rigorous work spread over several volumes. Just as the salad is an essential ingredient in any spread, this book is a must in the library of all teachers and students of literature. Prof. Rao passed away on 18th december 2013.