Aeropurana - Vimanalokada Anubhava Achhari

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ISBN13 9788119355556
Author Yogindra Maravanthe
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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Many ladders If you see a bird just flying in the sky, you can notice its color, speed, shape, cry or the food bitten in the mouth. How does a bird fly like that? Why is it floating in the mouth has not aroused any new curiosity. Many years and decades have passed since the flight of the birds stopped. Because these days, not only birds have the ability to fly. We have now mastered this unique magic of flight... last days No matter what part of the world a plane is flying or landing, it is the plane of any country where it takes its last flight and spends its retired life. But the place where the retired planes finally land is called "Aircraft Graveyard" in British English. Om d Although there are smaller aircraft cemeteries in other countries, the world's largest "aircraft graveyard" is... Yogindra is like a tree The experience of Purana Vimanaloka is amazing