Age of Deception

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ISBN13 9781408822241
Language ENGLISH
Publisher BLOOMSBURY ( MDL )
Published Year 2011
Country of Origin India

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When he was unanimously elected Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency in 1997, few could have forecast the dramatic role Mohamed ElBaradei would play in every key nuclear confrontation of the next twelve years. Dealing with the nuclear aspirations of Libya and North Korea, standing up to the Bush administration on Iraq, and managing the West's turbulent stand-off with Iran, ElBaradei emerged as the one independent voice, unique in maintaining credibility in the Arabic and Western worlds. In this account, ElBaradei take us to the heart of the nuclear debate. Inspector, consultant and diplomat, he moves from a Baghdad restaurant where Iraqi officials bleakly predict war, to behind-the-scenes exchanges with Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. The Age of Deception is an unparalleled account of the struggle to find solutions to the insecurities of the nuclear age by a man who knows the true risks better than anyone.