Arise Awake and Realise - Inspiration from the Inner Dimension of Yoga

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ISBN13 9789391841973
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India


Arise Awake Realise covers a wide range of topics from Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutra, Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga, Raja yoga, Om, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Vedas, leadership skills, meditation, significance festivals, health, importance of Guru, inner en-richment, mindfulness, meaningful life, Vasudeva Kriya Yoga, etc. This ready reckoner aims to help seekers dive deep within through reflections on the inner dimensions of yoga. This handbook assists in mining treasures from within to enrich the world and enhance teacher-student relationships through a deeper understanding of yoga. Rajendra Yenkannamoole, the founder of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga (VKY), has dedicated himself to teaching yoga in Melbourne since the early 2000s. VKY aims to promote the message of health and wellness. With multiple centers across Melbourne, USA, and Bangalore India. Shri Rajendra has trained numerous yoga teachers, empowering them to carry the mes- sage of yoga to a broader global community. Since 2008, VKY has been organizing International Yoga conferences. In 2023, the Interna- tional Day of Yoga was celebrated for the third time by Vasudeva Kriya Yoga in the Federal Parliament of Australia in Canberra. Since 2015, in collaboration with the Consulate General of India Melbourne, VKY has cele- brated International Day of Yoga events in the Victoria Parliament. Additionally, in collabora- tion with the Dandenong City Council, the organization has been running wellness pro- grams specifically designed for teenagers. Rajendra introduced a new dimension to yoga - "Divinity in Yoga," emphasizing the insepa- rable connection between yoga and divinity. Shri Rajendra has authored several books on yoga, including "Vasudeva Kriya Yoga - Divinity in Yoga," "Surya Namaskara," and "Life Sutra." Each year, he conducts yoga sessions in villages and schools across India. In December 2009, he addressed the World Parliament of Religions, delivering the message of Yoga for Healing the Earth.