Dr. Y. Nayudamma Essays, Speeches, Notes & Others

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Author K. Chandrahas & K. Seshagiri Rao
Language ENGLISH
Publisher Nayudamma Foundation for Education and Rural Development
Published Year 2022
Country of Origin India

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This is the centenary year of Dr. Yalavarthy Nayudamma (1922 - 1985), the people's scientist, who had become a legend in his own life time, who place the Indian leather on the world map and who as Director General of CSIR was known for unconventional approach, innovative and venture-oriented management practices such as CSIR employees geeting leave for setting up their own industry with CSIR technology, etc. This book contains selected essays, lectures and notes of Dr. Y. Nayudamma which are refreshingly modern and the issues dealt with are as relevant today as about 50 years ago when Nayudamma mooted them.