Effortless Meditation * 2ed

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ISBN13 9788175258181
Author MADHU
Language ENGLISH
Country of Origin India


Effortless Meditation is a state of pure spontaneous perception.It is a state of inner rest and ease where the mind is not deliberately directed to any specific object - internal or external.It is a state of being.You need not be a person of spiritual inclination if you want to experiment with this meditation.It is enough if you are willing to try.Once you stumble upon Effortless Meditation,you will relaise that to remain happy you don't need any faith or belief,including the idea of enlightenment.They are all secondary.By arriving at Effortless Meditation you will have arrived at the heart of all efforts in your search for Peace.Life itself becomes living in meditation.Triggered by psychological suffering,the author's quest for happiness took him to a monastery where he remained for eleven years.Repeated experieces of Peace led to extensive exploration of the effortless state.Those discoveries form the basis of this book.