Extinct Boids

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ISBN13 9781408178621
Language ENGLISH
Publisher BLOOMSBURY ( MDL )
Country of Origin India


When the renowned cartoonist Ralph Steadman was asked to produce a piece for a recent exhibition of bird art, he got slightly carried away - it did, after all, make a nice change from politicians. He allowed his imagination to run wild and, an astonishing 100 paintings later, Ralph's Extinct Boids was born ... These remarkable pieces of art include Steadman's unique interpretations of well-known birds such as the Great Auk and Dodo, along with less familiar members of the avian firmament - Snail-eating Coua, for example - and a handful of bizarre creations such as the Gob Swallow, the Nasty Tern and Needless Smut, all with a riot of colour and a slice of trademark Steadman humour. This is a bravura performance by one of the world's leading contemporary artists.