Growing up with Computer Science C++ XII

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Salient features of this question bank are: Chapter-wise Questions graded from Easy to Moderate to Difficult to HOTS Complete solutions have been provided for most of the questions Chapter wise solutions to the questions help students to acquire sufficient knowledge and to solve all types of questions related to that particular chapter Includes questions from the last 10 years question papers Includes a large number of questions from various other sources Chapter 1 has 3 sections- Revision, Theory questions, Syntax errors based and finding the output of the given code snippets which have been further graded according to their difficulty level A quick recap of important concepts followed by appropriate questions is given A wide range of problems has been solved in the chapter on Pointers with a separate section on numbers and strings The queries in chapter on SQL have been solved with reference to EMP table adhering to the contents of the text book, which will help the students in understanding the concepts better A wide range of problems with illustrations has been provided in Boolean Algebra The Communications and Networks chapter has been simplified to a great extent About the author Girija Nagarajan is a senior faculty in the Department of Computer Sciences of a prestigious School in Bangalore. She is an Engineering graduate with corporate background in Information Science but took to her first passion Teaching, out of love for the profession and has over 25 years of experience teaching Computer Science to students of grades 11 and 12. Girija Nagarajan has also been the Head Examiner for the CBSE Board examinations and was nominated for ???National/CBSE Best Teacher Award??? for the year 2012 and 2013. She has mentored hundreds of students for the CBSE Board examinations many of whom have made her proud through their achievements.