Localized Waves

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BK 0041849
ISBN13 9780470108857
Language ENGLISH
Publisher JOHN WILEY
Published Year 2008
Country of Origin India


The first book on Localized Waves?? subject of phenomenal worldwide research with important applications from secure communications to medicine. Localized waves??lso known as non-diffractive waves??re beams and pulses capable of resisting diffraction and dispersion over long distances even in non-guiding media. Predicted to exist in the early 1970s and obtained theoretically and experimentally as solutions to the wave equations starting in 1992, localized waves now garner intense worldwide research with applications in all fields where a role is played by a wave equation, from electromagnetism to acoustics and quantum physics. In the electromagnetics areas, they are paving the way, for instance, to ubiquitous secure communications in the range of millimeter waves, terahertz frequencies, and optics. At last, the localized waves with an envelope at rest are expected to have important applications especially in medicine.