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ISBN13 9788196322465
Author Mysore Vasudevacharya
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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Memories' - a book in eight neat chapters. In the first two chapters there is a picture of Acharya's childhood education; There is a story of how he got the grace of lords due to ardent desire and firm devotion to God, became a musical scholar by the grace of Sadguru, and joined the palace of Mysore; There is a description of the serious life, the romantic life, the humorous life, the life of pleasure that he saw in the palace. There are a lot of fun characters.


The third section is devoted to the description of the Agraharas in the old Mysore fort city. If you read these pages for those who witnessed the life of the people at that time, it will be like reliving it. If it is read by a blind person, it will be like wandering in an unknown magical world.


In the next two chapters, he mentions the theater companies of the time, introduces the prominent actors, and recalls some of the funniest incidents he found in the theater. Here are many intimate thoughts related to the noble hero actor Varadacharya who brought glory to Mysore theater art and his companion clown Krishnamurthy.


In the remaining three sections, two of them are 'some stories that they have heard' and 'Rasikara Sarasa', who is dear to them, is a free memory. In the stories here, the ability to convey the context of the conditions of the past in spare words, with free descriptions.