Rujuvathu : Selected Essays of U R Ananthamurthy

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ISBN13 9788172868185
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2013
Country of Origin India

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About the Book: Rujuvathu: Selected Essays of U R Ananthamurthy UK Ananthamuthys "Rujuvathu" (which in a broad philosophical sense means "evidence /proof) is a collection of essays by an eminent creative writer, who, as a fine thinker, places before his cultural community his views on individual creativity, tradition, language, politics and social issues, unequivocally foregrounding all the contradictions, dualities and paradoxes embedded in them. The essays are essential# deep reflections on culture and society that come from a "witness" who was an engaged and involved participant in the major issues of his times. They are not the reports of an "objective observer" merely chronicling the controversies and conflicts of the times in a detached manner In a crucial cultural sense these reflections bring the reading community face to face with the personal testimonies of a writers conscious engagements with the various deep# complex and controversial social processes of his times that render all reductionand and simplistic ideological explanations and rationalisations utterly meaningless, and even, absurd It is a true measure of Ananathamurthys creative and moral involvement with the vital issues of his society and its cultural tensions that these essays do not remain a "native informants" passive observations to be lapped by academics engaged in doing research in the name of "culture studies" and "area studies". About the Author: U R Anathamurthy, N Manu ChakravarthyAnanthamurthy in the post-colonial context and the read his fiction as representative of the finest dimensions of Third World creativity that defies simplistic and reductionist classifications as far as non-western cultural realities are concerned. The ten stories in this anthology cover nearly six decades of his imaginative explorations and, more significantly, bring one face to face with the remarkable range of his creativity. The stories also bring the reader to confront the major issues that India