Sangeetha Kalaanidhi

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ISBN13 9788119355006
Author S.Krishnamurthy
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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I know Vasudevacharya of Mysore, who ranks high in the ranks of musicians, Bahurupi Choudaiah, the famous violinist, and Sri Rallapalli Ananthakrishna Sharma, who was a scholar of music and literature in both fields. The author of this work is also dear to me. All three scholars have been honored with the "Sangeetha, Kalanidhi" award by the Madras Music Academy. So it is a pleasure to bring together the biographies of these three Vidwanmanis. The stages of achievement of the musicians, their unbroken penance, their childhood love, sense of humor, personality twists and turns have been brought alive by the author in the writing here. Although a biography, it is free from the dull narrative of ordinary biographies. The writing here has the charm of a novel, the briskness of a short story, the flavor of light essays. Krishnamurthy's intimate style, lively writing makes the work read again and again. Increased the readability of the work. His insightful filmmaking ability, his meticulous observation of the details of life have also enhanced the feature of the work.


The ideal of gurubhakti, discipleship, austerity for learning found here reminds the present generation of an ancient heritage.


There is no doubt that Kannada readers will appreciate this rare piece of writing.