Sannakathe: Akriti mattu Ashaya

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ISBN13 9788119355396
Author S. Diwakar
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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Nonfiction is a literary genre that provides readers with subtle insights into language, culture, and identities. A genre that takes us beyond the confines of our experiences and helps us see the world through the eyes of storytellers. In the articles in this compilation, our important storytellers and critics who have presented their ideas about the form and aspirations of the short story have analyzed most of the factors related to this genre and discussed the processes of story-making, explaining the factors that make up the short story. D.Ra. Bendre, Ram. Shri. Mugali, Kirtinath Kurtakoti, G.S. Amura, Girardi Govindaraja, Yashwant Chitala, Nataraja Hluiyar, M.S. Sriram, Jayantha Kaykini, and so on are the authors here.


This is a collection of five parts. In the first part there are articles about shorthand and hyperfine while in the second part there are personal experiences of shorthand writers. The third section is a summary of key articles by three Western historians who have dealt with the issue in depth. The fourth part contains Yashwant Chittal's story about the story, 'Kateyadalu Madhyala' and its critical insight. The fifth part is devoted to the opinions expressed by Kannada and foreign writers on different occasions.


This book, which fills a huge gap in short stories, is useful not only for those who study the genre of short stories, but also for storytellers. Not only that, it is also very suitable to be the main text in the stories.