Searching for Molecular Solutions; Empirical Discovery and Its Future

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ISBN13 9780470146828
Author DUNN
Language ENGLISH
Publisher JOHN WILEY
Published Year 2010
Country of Origin India


A comprehensive look at empirical approaches to molecular discovery, their relationships with rational design, and the future of both Empirical methods of discovery, along with serendipitous and rational design approaches, have played an important role in human history.?Searching for Molecular Solutions?compares empirical discovery strategies for biologically useful molecules with serendipitous discovery and rational design, while also considering the strengths and limitations of empirical pathways to molecular discovery.Logically arranged, this text examines the different modes of molecular discovery, empha-sizing the historical and ongoing importance of empirical strategies. Along with a broad overview of the subject matter,?Searching for Molecular Solutions?explores. Searching for Molecular Solutions?covers several major areas of modern research, development, and practical applications of molecular sciences. This text offers empirical-rational principles of broad relevance to scientists, professionals, and students interested in general aspectsof molecular discovery, as well as the thought processes behind experimental approaches.