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ISBN13 9788119355082
Author Prof. G.T. Narayana Rao
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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What vision do we have when identifying a person as an artist? What is the standard imposed on us? The answer we get directly depends on these questions. This is a subjective (subjective) field: yet it is objective (objective) with the help of at least some values ??that have grown and evolved with us over time.


It is possible to obtain the criteria: He should be mature in the arts, knowledgeable of the heritage and self-satisfied in expressing his feelings in a practiced style, thereby delighting the audience, all his passionate efforts devoted to the promotion of the art, and living faithfully in the present world with his heart attuned to an inexhaustible song. Must be wild.


I came in contact with many such artists because of art. The home and environment in which I was born and brought up (1926-42 Madikeri) nurtured my interest in Carnatic music and classical literature, followed by a stay in Madrasunagar (1944-49) Navya Pallyat Mani Moda Ladava's art of head tumba, mridanga and violin : set out to learn and lost! I am a failed artist