Sunada Vinodini M S Subbulakshmi

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ISBN13 9788196322489
Author S.Krishnamurthy
Language KANNADA
Published Year 2023
Country of Origin India

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M.S. Subbulakshmi! When this name is heard, there will be rejoicing everywhere. A melodious river overflows us; A sweet feeling that touches the heart is ecstatic. For those who saw that divine singer and heard, 'The beauty of the court raised by the brush of King Ravivarman; A melodious voice like no other; A gifted artistry; Inga's thirst for education; Keen intellect, humble endowment; Sadashivam's sculptural ingenuity' all these together make it appear as if a deity of Gandharvaloka is in front of him. His musical glory? Ours is such a poor language that there are no adjectives that can adequately describe it.


So far in Kannada, only one or two brief moments have been published about this musical empire. Our people have been waiting till now for a perfect book that comprehensively depicts and analyzes her life, personality and music. Krishnamurti's 'Sunada Vinodini MS. Subbulakshmi, a rare musician himself, who has composed unique works on music in Kannada, this work is an authoritative treatise on the life and achievements of Subbulakshmi, Sri Krishnamurthy. Brimming with his thoughtfulness, sensitive analysis, talent for making connections through unique situations, and eye-catching pictorial power, this work is truly unique and wonderful.