Think Like an Anaesthetist

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ISBN13 9789391841157
Author Murali Thondebhavi
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2021
Country of Origin India

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Everyone knows that anaesthetists play a vital role during surgery. But they remain unseen for the major part of a patient's journey in the hospital.

Think Like an Anaesthetist invites us to see the inner workings of an anaesthetist's mind. In this book Dr Murali Thondebhavi shares the various habits anaesthetists adopt in the operating theatre and in their personal lives which can improve our everyday life.

What strategies do they adopt to ensure safety? How do they handle crises?

How do they manage their personal time and life? How do they keep themselves up-to-date?

Using mental models to explain complex ideas, this book offers a glimpse inside an operating theatre. Read this book to improve your thinking, avoid biases, take better decisions, understand risk and fear, prevent mistakes, communicate effectively, handle crises, combat stress, manage time, and sleep well.

This is a book for every budding anaesthetist and for everyone wanting to understand how anaesthetists make successful surgeries happen.

Dr Murali Thondebhavi is a consultant anaesthetist and pain physician in Bangalore. He has over two decades of experience in these fields and has trained in India and the UK. Teaching is his passion. He is an invited speaker at national and international scientific meetings. An ardent reader with photo graphy as a serious hobby, he loves cooking and on a similar note believes that a happy life can be achieved with the right balance.