Think Right

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ISBN13 9789391841355
Author Sumalatha Vasudeva
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2022
Country of Origin India

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This book deals with a wide range of mental health issues faced by people of all age groups, with special relevance to trending issues like social media addiction and the post lockdown scenarios, which have left so many people jobless, businesses defunct and families split wide apart psychologically. It answers the most common, but unanswered questions of individuals, left bewildered by the current scenario.

The reader will learn how all emotional challenges are self-perpetuated by our own reactions to certain situations and by the thoughts we then allow our minds to dwell on. 

The book is a handy guide that will help you find simple solutions for complex issues. The main intention and purpose of the book is to reach as many individuals as possible in both urban and rural settings, in order to create mental health awareness, overcome stigmas, deal with stressful situations and enable people to seek help in a timely fashion.

This book offers significant help for people in low-resource settings where trained mental health professionals aren’t so easily available. The author offers deep insights into the human psyche and points the reader toward making the important decision to take full responsibility for their own mental health, armed with the spiritual knowledge that each one of us creates our own reality with our own mind.