Jewelry Making Techniques For Metal

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ISBN10 486440435
ISBN13 9780486440439
Language ENGLISH
Publisher DOVER
Published Year 1979
Country of Origin India


In this profusely illustrated guide, professional metalsmith and teacher Tim McCreight describes various methods for creating modern and classic forms of jewelry from precious metals. Easy-to-follow instructions and more than 70 carefully executed illustrations and diagrams enable the reader to learn the basics of this age-old art form and to fashion beautiful and lasting decorative accessories. Beginning with the fundamentals, the author discusses tools and techniques, the use of gems and enamels, and procedures such as wire inlay and casting. Although written for beginners, the book is not limited to a discussion of the basics of jewelry making. Designed to serve as a hand reference, the text will complement other works on the history of metalwork , contemporary jewelry making, and design. A practical how-to book for hobbyists as well as professionals, this thorough and clearly written guide belongs in every metal workshop and craft center.