Powerful Dialogues

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ISBN13 9789388478298
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2019
Country of Origin India

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Powerful dialogues delineates how seemingly ordinary words can act as catalysts for change within oneself. The power of words in 'change dynamics' has been explored through five psycho-sociological themes, namely, challenging, empathy, clarity, trust and defining self. These themes are illustrated with personal anecdotes and experiences of the author. The author and readers thus become co-traveller in the journey of change. Powerful dialogues is for anyone engaged or willing to engage in facilitating organic change in self and others through self-exploration and introspection. Powerful dialogues is an attempt to illustrate through real-life examples, how simple dialogues and conversations can offer insights into complex life situations and behaviours. The most efficient 'learning' occurs through an intuitive-experiential process. Powerful dialogues illustrates how nebulous experiences of silence, observation and introspection emerge in the form of concrete words/ dialogues and provides a simple model for understanding the journey of a humble dialogue to a powerful dialogue. Br>shobha managoli has been a practicing clinical psychologist for nearly three decades. Br>shobha adopts a holistic therapeutic approach to address social, emotional and behavioural issues of her clients. She has a wide reach, having worked across client segments, from paediatric to geriatric, slums to board rooms and rural to urban. She continues to train, mentor and coach budding psychologists at the national and international level.