Reactions At Solid Surfaces

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ISBN13 9780470261019
Language ENGLISH
Publisher JOHN WILEY
Published Year 2009
Country of Origin India


Expanding on the ideas first presented in Gerhard Ertl's acclaimed Baker Lectures at Cornell University,?Reactions at Solid Surfaces?comprises an authoritative, self-contained, book-length introduction to surface reactions for both professional chemists and students alike. Outlining our present understanding of the fundamental processes underlying reactions at solid surfaces, the book provides the reader with a complete view of how chemistry works at surfaces, and how to understand and probe the dynamics of surface reactions. Comparing traditional surface probes with more modern ones, and bringing together various disciplines in a cohesive manner, Gerhard Ertl's Reactions at Solid Surfaces serves well as a primary text for graduate students in introductory surface science or chemistry, as well as a self-teaching resource for professionals in surface science, chemical engineering, or nanoscience.