Philosopher Saint - The Life and philosophy of Narayana Guru

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ISBN13 9789388478489
Author Swamy John Spiers
Language ENGLISH
Published Year 2021
Country of Origin India

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A window into Narayana Guru's thought and its place in the Indian spiritual tradition, this special volume features the refections of a Scottish swami about one who transcended boundaries and defnitions, and joined a pantheon of the uplifted and the great.” - Manu S Pillai. "This volume contains some selected essays of Swami John Spiers. I am sure, even after more than half a century since these were originally written, their value is ever fresh because all of them, in one way or other, shed light upon Guruhood, the firm foundation on which the entire edifice of Indian culture rests. I am sure, this book will be a valuable treasure for those who love Indian spirituality which even stands beyond all specific forms of religiousness.” - Muni Narayana Prasad. This book is a collection of essays on Narayana Guru, a powerful force behind the social reformation in Kerala by Swami John Spiers. Swami John Spiers was an ardent admirer of Sree Narayana Guru and an enthusiastic propagator of his teachings. Swami was born into a Calvinist family in Perth, Scotland on Novem­ber 28, 1907. John Spiers met Nataraja Guru in 1937 and thus came in touch with the ideals of Sree Narayana Guru. In 1946, Nataraja Guru welcomed him to the Naraya­na Gurukula at Ooty. He stayed here and became a disciple of Nataraja Guru. Their close association made Nataraja Guru ask him to edit the biography of Narayana Guru The Word of Guru and to write an introduction for it. He started the maga­zine “Values” during these times with the view of propagating Narayana Guru’s teachings to the vast world outside. These essays were originally published in “Values”. This collection also carries a short biography of Narayana Guru written by N. Kumaran Asan, a dear disciple of Guru, translated into English for the first time.Swami John Spiers wrote a few books namely What India Means to Me, What Europe Means to Me, Pagan Europe, and Warrior Rishi: The Life and Teachings of Narayana Guru. His articles are compiled in two volumes in Guru the Unknown and What Shall I Read.